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Ogbono Soup: 10 Things I Wish I’d Known Earlier

Ogbono soup is actually a type of soup made with ogbono seeds, various types of fish, meats, and palm oil. Ogbono seed, also known as Irvingia or wild mango, is ground before being blended with additional spices to create a delightful, nutrient-rich dish.

Shaki, goat meat, or beef are the possible meat options. The majority of the spices are conventional flavors, which adds to the soup’s distinctive flavor.

Ogbono soup is a great source of protein, calcium, dietary fiber, and other vital minerals for the body.

Are you interested in learning more about the nutrient content of ogbono soup? The health advantages of ogbono soup based on the seed and other key ingredients are examined in greater detail in this article.

Some of Ogbono Soup’s health benefits

ogbono seed


Dika seed contains 8.65% protein, according to research. Protein, as you would know, aids in the development of cells and muscles. Furthermore, it aids in tissue healing.

In contrast to other vital nutrients, the body has no protein reserve to draw from when it is depleted. Humans need to get enough protein from food sources to avoid protein shortage.

In order to avoid certain health issues, such as bone fractures and frailty, adults, for instance, require substantially higher protein intake.

Ogbono soup has meat and other seasonings in addition to the ogbono seeds, making it a delicious source of protein.

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Additionally, the ogbono seeds contain calcium. Calcium, a mineral found in the body, aids in the development and maintenance of strong bones. Additionally, it might lessen the likelihood that pregnant women would experience issues linked to high blood pressure.

Pregnant women must consume adequate calcium to prevent preeclampsia and other health issues that could result in premature birth. The mineral is also necessary for developing healthy, robust newborn bones.

More specifically, calcium promotes the optimal performance of other nutrients. While commercially available calcium supplements are a good substitute, consuming enough amounts of calcium through diet remains the most effective method.

Consumable Fibre

According to studies, ogbono seeds offer nutrients essential for good health because they contain 38.9% of the daily recommended amount of fiber. Your desire for unhealthy meals is decreased since the fiber makes you feel fuller.

Additionally, dietary fiber controls blood pressure, lowering the risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, and other disorders.

Overall, this treat is a great and simple way to reap the rewards of dietary fiber’s health advantages.

Medicinal and Economical Value

Ogbona seeds are not only useful as food, but they also have therapeutic and financial benefits. For instance, mucilage from ogbono seeds is used in medicine to soothe irritated mucous membranes.

The soup is also well-liked by residents of southwest of Nigeria. The seed becomes a very valuable product as a result.

The ogbono seed is processed, packaged, and sent abroad. Typically, this ground ogbono in a packet is sold abroad.

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