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The first cartoon just came in, and the second one will come in on Monday. Thank you so much, Africfoodstore. You know, I told you I wanted to use it to surprise my mum.Oh, well, she's still speechless. I wonder what she will do when the second box comes on Monday. Thank you so much
Good evening, I got home and met my package. Thank you so much, I really appreciate this. I was scared when I heard about the strike. Everything is complete and intact
Kehinde Adesanya
Business Woman
God continues to bless you. My mum called me this morning to say that she ate part of the yam that I bought from you. Imagine that since that period, the yam didn't spoil, and she said it tasted so well. The same goes with the fish. Thank you for not selling nonsense to your customers
Chinyere Wilfred
I used the stockfish today for Afang soup. Chai, tastes good and easily softens. Everyone is asking where I got it from. Just one more thing. If you do, good, I will say it, and if it's the other way, which I know you will not, i will say it also. Amazing services and products
Sandra Philips
Fashion Designer
Thank you very much. I made the video so that others could know that you can be trusted. The aroma coming from the pepper soup spice is, oh my God way different from what I buy here. I am really grateful

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